Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've got Naomi Macapagal's number

And I gave it to the Vice-president of the Philippine Independence Day Council, Rosemer Enverga.

Actually, I probably gave her 6 phone numbers of my honeyshot girls. But it was only Naomi who joined the pageant.

Asked why she joined the pageant, naomi said "I wanted to be able to help PIDC and convince people to help Gawad Kalinga build houses for the poor in the Philippines." In December, she is going to the Philippines to see the projects that PIDC and Gawad Kalinga are doing. The other reason she joined the pageant is curiosity. Her mom has been telling her about life in the pageant in the past. So, Naomi the daughter decided to join to live the life in a fishbowl.

Congratulations to Naomi Macapagal.

Ms. Philippines PIDC 2010 Naomi Macapagal is all smiles as she wins the title.

Ms. Philippines PIDC 2009 Natalie Rafael says goodbye to her reign.

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