Sunday, May 23, 2010

Naku Ha, June issue - Katrina Halili's presscon in Toronto


I would like to confirm that the date and location of Katrina Halili’s press conference has been finalized. It will be at my house, 2nd floor, my bedroom. The house will accommodate 50 people but the bedroom will only accommodate 5 according to the fire marshall’s office. Therefore, RSVP is required. One person has already confirmed - me. The second person is Katrina Halili. Three are my cameramen. Therefore, maximum capacity has already been reached. All others will have to stay outside my bedroom while I interview Katrina Halili. No use complaining. Minda Neri, Rosemer and Jun Enverga of PIDC have agreed to the arrangement. They happen to be the cameramen. Liveview will be provided by a 3” monitor mounted above the door where people outside can view the proceedings. I promise, it won’t last longer than 5 minutes. Well, I won’t. I don’t know about Katrina. I am referring to the “interview.” Later, the video will be uploaded to and youtube. I am really sorry but my bedroom is not big. In fact, my my room is so small my three cameramen will be in the closet.


You have got to be out of your mind if you think I know. I don’t have time to find out. I’ve got my hands (AMONG OTHER PARTS) full with this Katrina Halili’s “interview.” All I know is that it is the same time as the Katrina Halili presscon.


However, I have been informed that nobody has RSVP’d yet for the German Moreno presscon. Please rsvp early or you might get locked out. To those that cannot be accommodated in my bedroom, you are welcome to go to the German Moreno presscon which is DEFINITELY not being held in my house; and definitely not in my bedroom with Katrina Halili.


GMA7 OR Kapuso is the network sponsor of PIDC’s Mabuhay festival this year. (SEE AD) They decided to add a new star in the making - John Nite. Who, you say. John Nite is currently the co host of Kuya Germs in Walang Tulugan. He is a recording artist, actor and an accomplished TV host. John is very much in demand to do Corporate shows, product launchings, beauty pageants, conventions. I ahve no idea wherre his presscon also.


I called my friend Oswald Tugadi of Albee Enterprises and asked him where is the ad for the Philippine chamber of Commerce Toronto for the Mabuhay festival. It’s coming but there are some changes. The hall has been changed and graphic artist Louie Pagdagdagan is still looking for a picture of actress Katrina Halili wearing something more than an earring. Incidentally, in all her internet pictures, she is either wearing only an earring or less. I did not know that. Of course, I am exaggerating. But what I am wondering in heavens name is why is Louie trying too hard to find a picture of her with clothes on? Naked KH will sell more tickets than her on Maria Clara clothes. If they have her on the poster with Maria Clara clothes on, it was probably photoshopped. Apparently, I have been informed that most of the ticket sellers are members of couples for Christ. What better way to make a husband feel like “coupling” than a naked picture of Katrina Halili? Unless it’s not his wife he wants to “couple.” Ehe, sus maryosep...ano ba itong nasabi ko?

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