Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sing For Your Heart 2010

Michael Masangkay is known as a host and singer in the Filipino community that one would assume he started as a contestant in one of the singing competitions that come up from time to time.

“No, I have never competed before,” he said.

Yet, there he was, as probably the oldest - at 30 years old - among the contestants at the Sing for your Heart 2010, the Young Asian canadian Singing contest open to young people from 14 to 30 years old. He was the first to sing among all the contestants with a rendition of Hotel California. It is a bit unusual seeing him compete because he used to host this contest in the past years.

“But not this year,” he says, because he is one of the contestants. “Maybe next year.”

As expected of any contestant, he was nervous at the start. Asked afterwards how he feels, “relieved...and sweating.”

Well, as he said, "I won't have a chance to compete again. I am 30. I want to know the feeling."

Michael Masangkay looks very pensive before his turn.

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