Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where's Inah Canlapan?

I arrived late at the Miss Manila pageant and caught the dance number by the contestants and immediately noticed contestant number 11 dancing all over the place.

I watched the proceedings. I never paid attention to the names until it was time to announce the winners. All I did was take the pictures. And when candidate number 2, the winner of Miss Manila 2010 was announced, I never heard the name. All I knew is that I took a picture of this young lady who was a picture of excitement and happiness at hearing her name announced.

Then, I remembered that singer Inah Canlapan was a contestant. I scanned the faces of al the contestants and I cannot recognize her. I asked photographer Raymond Santos, "Where is Inah?" He laughed and said, "the winner." OH.

Inah Canlapan has come full circle in the Filipino community. She has been an accomplished singer, performing as front act for visiting singers from the Philippines. Now, she is also a beauty queen, a Miss Manila 2010 winner, one of the two biggest beauty titles that exist in the Filipino community in Toronto, the other being the Miss Philippines PIDC title.

Congratulations to Inah Canlapan.

Inah is deluged by friends, family, wel-wishers and supporters.
Inah Canlapan with her family.

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