Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sarah Geronimo VIP Dinner

The Hyatt Toronto was the scene of Sarah Geronimo's VIP dinner for sponsors and special guests. The evening started with eating of course. Then, there were the performers, However, one performer who stand out in my mind is Jennifer Camacho, a singer in the Filipino community. She sang "You're the best thing that ever happened to me," by Glady's Knight. Jennifer knows what songs to sing to the crowd. In all the times, I have seen her perform, I have not heard her sing an un-familiar song to a crowd. Well, except her original compositions.

There were others who sang but I have no idea who they are yet. Well, I know Inah Canlapan, the reigning Miss Manila 2010. She asked me if I can take a picture with her and Charlie Green.
"Who's Charlie Green" I asked.
She reacted as if I am supposed to know who Charlie Green is.
"Tito, you don't know whoo CHarlie Green is?" she asked.
"I can remember the names of female performers. I'm a guy. Don't ask me about guys," I said.
The guy beside me was also laughing.

Of course, the main purpose of this evening was the photo opportunity of the sponsors with Sarah Geronimo. Here is how it works. people line up as they are called by table, they will give their cameras to volunteer photographers who were picked by the promoters to take their pictures with Sarah. There was only one problem; the volunteer photographer does not exactly have a steady hand. And those point and shoot are not exactly forgiving also. Even the most expensive DSLR's are prone to blurred pictures. These digital cameras are a godsend but they can be unforgiving if you do not keep your hand steady. Sometimes, I put the shutter speed at 125 and a blur still appears in the picture.

One girl who was behind me was complaining that their photos were blurred, taken by the volunteer photographer. I think she was with the TFC group. I showed her my pictures and I took her picture. Well, not actually. I was taking Sarah Geronimo's closeup and she put her head right beside Sarah. Unfortunately, there was no second chance for their group to have their picture taken with Sarah.

FV Foods with Flor Mendiola and Mel Galeon pose with Sarah Geronimo.

Jennifer Camacho gives a rendition of "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

The TFC woman who got her picture with Sarah. As you can see, it's not even focused well and also unsharp. But at least, they are both recognizable.

Inah Canlapan got her picture taken with Charlie Green. I still don't know who he is.

Joselito and Ruth Ronquillo with their daughter pose with Sarah Geronimo.

Dr. Francis Rementilla and family.

I have no idea how AV Communications boss Anna Maramba knew I took their picture with all the photographers around. When we played back the picture, we found that I took 2 shots of their group with Sarah. She asked me if I can send them to her, which I did. But here they are with Sarah. And she does not even put an ad in my newspaper, Little Manila Confidential. Sigh. BIGGER SIGH.

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