Sunday, July 18, 2010


Durham has been sending beautiful muses since the start of the the Mabuhay Cup in 2004. There must be something in the water. Or the eye of Girlie Guzman-Padillo.

I arrived late at the Mabuhay Cup to cover the ceremonies and the speeches.


I really like listening to speeches. Anyway, all is not lost. The winner and first runner-up of the Sport Model pageant were still there. The PIDC Mabuhay Cup Miss Sports Model 2010 is Macey Atienza and the First runner-up is Nicole Taino. They are both beautiful, pleasant and tall. I really can’t remember any more details when it comes to beautiful women such as what team they represent.

Shane Ericka Ico was Sports Model 2009.
Paulina Chan poses with 2008 first runner-up Michelle Aurello.

Nicole Taino is first runner-up Sports Model 2010.

Mabuhay Cup Sports Model 2006 Paulina Chan and Sport Model 2008 Alyxandrea Francisco strike a pose.

However, the fact that Nicole represents Durham got my attention. This is the group has consistently sent beautiful muses since the beginning of the Mabuhay Cup in 2004. But Durham’s streak started in 2006 with Paulina Chan winning Sports Model 2006 who became a Miss Philippines PIDC in 2008.

The first runner-up for 2007, Michelle Aurello is from Durham.

Miss Sports Model 2008 Alyxandrea Francisco and Miss Sports Model 2009 Shane Erica Ico were also from Durham.

Girlie Guzman-Padillo gets cozy with Paulina Chan, Miss Sports Model 2006 and Miss PIDC Philippines 2008.

If you had to choose one person responsible for Durham’s beauty success, you’d choose Girlie Guzman-Padillo. She is is in charge of picking out who to send as muse to the PIDC’s Mabuhay Cup Basketball torunament.

“Well, obviously, besides picking the beautiful ones, you also teach them how to walk, how to move, how to smile, etc...” says Girlie Guzman-Padillo. She can be compared to Osmel Sousa, the President of the Miss Venezuela Organisation. Venezuela takes it’s beauty pageants very seriously and the results show it - six Miss Universes, five Miss Worlds, and a Miss Earth. Only India takes it as seriously - two Miss Universes and five Miss Worlds - but Venezuela is the top beauty titlist producer.

Durham’s Guzman-Padillo makes sure that the girls they send, beautiful as they are already, do not look unkempt.

“You also don’t send them there as if they just woke up,” she adds. “We also pick out the outfit, making sure that it is beautiful but also they are comfortable wearing it.”

Since it’s start in 2004, Durham has won 3 Sports Model title and placed 2 as first runner up.

Not bad for a tournament that’s just six years old.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mabuhay Cup 2010

I was late for the ceremonies of the Mabuhay Cup 2010, which apparently started at 8 am. I arrived at 9:40. Too bad, I missed the speeches by different people. However, all is not lost. I still covered the important parts of the Mabuhay Cup. And here they are.

First runner-up Nicole Taino poses with Ms. Sports Model 2010 Macey Atienza at the PIDC Mabuhay Cup.

Twelve-year old Joseph Cunanan and mom, singer Josie de Leon spend some bonding time at the PIDC’s Mabuhay Cup Basketball tournament.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

PAL - PNoy Always Late

The President chose a very unfortunate nickname to call himself - PNoy. If President Aquino keeps arriving late for appointments, Philippine Airlines will be relieved that their inititals will not be the butt of jokes anymore. Their initials - PAL - used to mean Plane Always Late. Now, it has become PNoy Always Late.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kat Yerro Getting Well - Family Picnic 2010

The family picnic was held at Milliken Park last July 4, 2010. The day was sunny, the food was plentiful and the fun lasted until around 6 in the evening. All in all, a wonderful day.

Jessica tries to teach Buddy how to sit.

Nanang, Kat, mommy, Ate Deni and Elsie take a second to pose.
Kat and friend Valerie Lo (FUTURE HONEY SHOT) pose with mama, papa and Elsie.
Kat with friend Nelson. He is teaching her how to drive. I am not sure if he taught her to park in the middle of the street too, like she did one time.

Joshua had barbecue as an appetizer, main course and desert.

Kuya Hermie Esguerra and mama cool it in the shade.
Elsie, sister Luth and Ate Deni take care of the other food......while the men take care of the barbecues. Here, Kuya Wally wisely bring squid barbecues, the kind kids do not like.

And these are the barbecue brigade. For some reason, Kuya Steve has been barbecuing for hours and there are still no cooked barbecues on the plate. It is the Bermuda triangle of raw meat plate to barbecue to cooked plate.

Reeza Enverga's Debut Celebration

Reeza Enverga, the lovely daughter of Jun and Rosemer Enverga celebrated her 18th birthday at the Spirale Banquet Hall.

The whole family prays before meals.

Dad Jun Enverga dances with Reeza.

Singer Martha Joy was a special guest.

The cotillion was a lively mix of tradition and modern..