Friday, September 3, 2010

Filpino Centre Toronto Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Filipino Centre, Toronto honored the volunteers with an Apprciation Dinner last August. FCT, headed by President Ms. Linda Javier and board chairman and philantrophist Dr. Victoria Santiago has been very active in the community with different projects. Mayoral candidate George Smitherman graced the occasion. Smitherman has been a defender and supporter of the centre since it started, giving $50,000 in helping refurbish the building. But the most memorable part of the evening is Linda Javier’s chicken (specially the atay and gizzard parts), cooked in gata, which is delicious. Thus, I can add her name as one of the reasons why I have been gaining weight. Not that it is getting noticeable. But Jun Enverga did. As did newsman Carlos Unas.

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