Monday, October 11, 2010

Annemarie Princess Guzman's 5th Birthday

Drs. Solon and Josephine Guzman celebrated their elder daughter's 5th birthday last October 10, 2010. Annemarie Princess was surrounded by family and friends and it was a very enjoyable time with a very friendly and lively magician performing tricks for them. There was also clown painting and making balloon animals and a pinata. Here are some of the pictures.
Annemarie Princess blows the candle to her cake as sister Angeline watches.
It was a mad scramble for candies as the pinata is broken.

The magician hands a rabbit to Annemarie to pet.

Children have their picture taken with Annemarie Princess.

The priest blesses Annemarie.

Here, she is joined by grandmas Alice and Zeny.

Dancing the Hawaii-5-0 with her sister Angeline.

The magician makes the kids laugh.

beautiful girls Naomi Macapagal and Inah Canlapan.

Marita Lee and Alma Torreno

Grace Macapagal gets her picture taken also.

A clown makes a balloon for a child.

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