Sunday, October 3, 2010

Banyuhay ni Heber with Lolita Carbon

Banyuhay ni Heber with Lolita Carbon of Asin held a concert at International Church sponsored by Forex Cargo and UMAC. 
Heber Bartolome and Asin's Lolita Carbon perform the finale.
FV Foods and Joseph Alilio of Forex pose during the concert.
As always, the FV food booth is jammed with buyers after the show.
Sherwin Panaligan gets to pose with Lolita Carbon of Asin.
The whole Forex and UMAC family gets to pose with Asin's Lolita Carbon.
Beauty titlist Monica Labuguen was posing for her mom when I took this picture.
Our very own female Elvis singer Zena Zagal poses with Asin's Lolita Carbon. 

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