Friday, October 29, 2010

Gawad Kalinga is Launched

Gawad kalinga launched thier Canadian operation October 29, 2010 with a presentation at the historic St. Lawrence Hall attended by the Filipino community and also Canadian supporters. There is something

Gawad Kalinga Tony Meloto talks with young people interested in the social program.

 about social programs that attract young ones to the movement, specially Gawad Kalinga. Not only that, there is a side 

Tony Meloto talks with Jojo and Bing Querubin.

effect when you succeed. People from every walks of life gravitate towards you. This guy is a magnet. He was invited by the government of 

Tony Meloto poses with admirers.

China to talk about Gawad Kalinga. "As you know, China is trying to house 

Tony Meloto addresses the attendees.
millions of their own people and they want ideas onhow it can be done," he said. However, the usual crowd of university and even high 

Tess Concepcion, Vigi Santiago, Dr. Victoria Santiago and Mike Saavedra wait for Tony meloto to speak. 
school students were not in abundance in this gathering. The crowd was 

Philippine Chamber of Commerce's Rafael Nebres and Oswald Tugadi poses with GK Chairman Pidoy Pacis.

composed of community people that you always see when there is an issue of significance that affects the local community or our fellow Filipinos back home. However, Agnes Manasan did say 

Abby Cervantes and Klein Santaolaya listen to Tony Meloto's ideas.

that the a group of University of Western Ontario students did  

Volunteer Agnes Luat is happy to help GK. 
sign up to spend time in the Philippines and help, learn and 
Joy Alinea checks out the items for auction.
observe about Gawad Kalinga.Well, there were some beautiful and young ones in 
Pamana choir serenade the crowd with their singing.
attendance and volunteers helping out as you can see.  There were also
Gina Capistrano and iris Cudel-Petines help out during the presentation.
entertainment numbers like the Pamana choir and singers from the 

Chyrell Samson and Charis sings...
community like Chyrell Samson and Rodney Ronquillo, the husband and wife team who

while Chyrell's husband, Rodney Ronquillo plays the piano.
make beautiful music together.

Lauren MacGillivray and Frank Switzer of Sunlife Financial are sponsors of GK in the Philippines.

And representatives of corporations that are helping out GK in the Philippines. As in Sunlife Financial above. Mr. Switzer relayed the story of a Filipino boy who approached him and asked about Sunlife in Canada. "Is there Sunlife in Canada too," the boy asked him. Sunlife has become aloyal partner to Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines that some think that it is a local corporation. 

Ting Pacis poses with Thuy Nguyen.

Then, there is the wife of chairman Pidoy Pacis, who do their turn helping out. Above, she poses with Thuy Nguyen, the girlriend of his son Clyde.

Thuy Nguyen poses with Clyde Pacis.

Above is Clyde Pacis with Thuy. Clyde handed me his card. Apparently Max's Chicken of the Philippines is coming to Canada.

Tony Meloto is surrounded by PIDC President Minda Neri (IN GREEN) and Kol Hope's Melinda Rustia (IN RED).

It never seizes to amaze me that Tony Meloto cannot take a few steps without anyone wanting to talk to him and have their picture taken with hime. This kind of admioration is reserved for pop stars coming from the Philippines.

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