Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jun Enverga gets elected as Catholic Board Trustee

Indefatigable Jun Enverga won as Catholic Board Trustee in Ward 8 in Scarborough. He is the first elected Filipino in the city of Toronto. He won by around 37 votes. Had other Filipinos known that there are two ballots, he would have won by a bigger margin. There is a ballot which lists down the candidates for the Catholic school board where Jun's name is included and there is a ballot which lists down the candidates for the public school board where Jun's name is not included. I got the ballot which has the public school board candidates and I did not see Jun's name. However, when I saw the boundaries for ward 8 and I live within those boundaries, I thought it was a mistake because I did not see Jun's name on the ballot.  Only when somebody pointed it out to me at Jun's thanksgiving (giving thanks, not the holiday) party did I found out that there were two listings. personally, I ws disappointed that i was not able to vote for Jun because I was given a different ballot based on where my name was listed on the voting list. 

However, all is well as Jun Enverga won long after the newspapers have gone to press.

Congratulations to Jun Enverga and his whole family, who deserves all the accolades for helping one another. His wife Rosemer, daughter Rystle, Reeza and Rocel deserve as much credit for the ahrd work they did in getting Jun elected.

Daughters Rystle, Rocel and Reeza helped behind the scenes.

Jun with wife Rosemer checking out the list at the thanks-giving party.

The Knights of Columbus poses with Jun.

Oswald Tugadi and wife Issa congratulates Jun on his victory.

The packed party room shows how popular Jun is with the Filipinos and Canadians. 
Gie Alvarez, Sylvia Nebres, Ace Alvarez and Rafael Nebres dropped by to congratulate Jun on his win.

Jun giving thanks to everyone who helped him in this campaign.

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  1. Congratulations Jun. Ward 8 in Scarboro is lucky to have you as their trustee. God bless!

    Elvie Tan