Sunday, November 28, 2010

Philip Beloso's 50th Birthday

Philip Beloso, community leader, was given a surprise party by his family last november 27, 2010 at hall of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. It was a well-attended affair. The weather cooperated. All his friends and family here in Toronto were in attendance. Happy 50th birthday Philip.
Family and friends pose with the celebrant. He is the one with the microphone.

The Forex and UMAC group, led by friends Joseph and Perly Alilio pose with the birthday boy.

Genelie Panaligan and her daughter Maria Tess pose with Father Macalipay.

Here, they pose with birthday celebrant Philip Beloso.

Beauty queen and photographer Monica Labuguen joins the celebration.

Philippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto Dinner Celebration

The PCCT Dinner party was packed with officer, members, friends and politicians this year. They dined on sumptuous grilled chicken followed by a cheesecake topped with raspberry jam. The opposition leader of the Progressive Conservative party, Tim Hudak, gave an inspirational speech. But he still can't top our fellow Filipino businessman Pidoy Pacis when giving a motivational speech. The night also honored the past presidents of the chamber.  It was a very lovely and exciting night. Unlike last year, the PCCT did not have to compete with the Pacquiao boxing bout, which happened on the same night of the party.  
FV Foods' Flor Vendiola, Melchor Galeon, ASAP Travel''s Carol Bella and husband Joe pose with Ambassador Minerva Falcon. 

The PCCT Presidents and board pose around the cake made by FV Foods to commemorate the occasion.

PC Oppostion leader Tim Hudak gave a speech.

Here, Tim Hudak is welcomed back to the table by PCCT President Rafael Nebres and Ambassador Minerva Falcon.

Beautiful and talented singer Jessica Joy Hernane entertained the crowd.

Afterwards, Jessica Joy Hernane pose with a fan, me.

Another beautiful and talented singer, Josie de leon poses with me also.

Formers PCCT President Winston Lim, current PCCT President Rafael Nebres pose with PC leader Tim Hudak.

Saladmaster businessman Pidoy Pacis gives a motivational speech on growing a business.

Former presidents and current President, with the board members pose for a picture.

GMA-7 Kapuso'[s Rosemer Enverga, Ted Dayno of Forex and Bing Marasigan of PIDC pose at the party.

Former presidents toast to the evening.
Beautiful and talented singer Josie de Leon sings two songs to the well-heeled crowd.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Linda Javier celebrates her birthday

Linda Javier, President of Filipino Centre Toronto, celebrated her "49" birthday at the centre. Family, friends and colleagues were in attendance at the festive affair complete with Hawaiian dance numbers and officers doing tribute impersonations and singing "We are the World" as a group. Here are some photos from that happy affair.

Linda Javier celebrates her birthday from Jose Baking on Vimeo.

Birthday celebrant Linda Javier watches a Hawaiian dance from Jose Baking on Vimeo.

Linda Javier with Philip Beloso

Aida d'Orazio lip-synchs a song.

Linda Javier asks her sister to join her in blowing the candles because it is her sister's birthday the next day.

Linda's daughter with grandson seated with Aida.

Linda's husband, Felino takes care of the grandkids for a while.

Linda cuddles two of his grandsons.

Linda's four grandsons joins the celebrations.

They were introduced as Hawaiian beauty queens having been flown just for the occasion. If these is what Hawaiian beauties look like, I'm not coming close to that island.

Jerry Portus sings some folk songs 

Dr. Nenette de Villa a la Nancy Sinatra.

Philip Beloso (FAR RIGHT) and his whole family attend the party.

Rey Tolentino greets Linda.

Linda's sister and brother in law talks about her.

Linda's other sister and brother in law talk about her also.

Linda and company sway to We are the World.

Dr. Vicky Santiago does Beyonce.

Officers of FCT performs We are the World.

Rey Tolentino channels Tom Jones minus the panties being thrown. He should be thankful. Can you imagine the size if somebody did?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We will miss you Margaret Sia

We just bought a 2006 Grand Caravan to  replace our aging 1994 Caravan that seems to be gasping it’s last breath of life. The new van has 237,000 kilometers on it already but seems to run well.  On the back of my mind, I worry about the newer van  breaking down. 
What if it breaks down? 
Was buying it a mistake? 
Then, we have to spend to replace it again. 
Then, it’s more money spent than if we kept the old van...etc, etc...

As they say, I was over-thinking it. 

Then, I received an email about Margaret Sia, 22, passing away.

I was shocked.

Margaret? It couldn’t be.

I knew Margaret personally. She joined a beauty pageant. She helped her parents when they still owned Golden Valley Grocery. Her parents, Henry and Alice, even gave me food to bring home to my parents when there is an event at the store. One time, I ate there and they even gave me one whole roasted chicken to bring home to my parents also 

I remember what priests have always preached. We worry about losing material things because of the inconvenience it will cause us.  Or the money that went down the drain. 

But if we lose a loved one, a human being, no amount of money can compensate for the loss. 

If your car breaks down, you can work two jobs to buy a cheap replacement or have it repaired. It is an inconvenience. It will cramp your lifestyle because of the financial burden, that’s all.

With Margaret, there is no replacing her. Her loss is not an inconvenience but a tragedy. Her loss will stay with you forever. She was somebody’s daughter, sister, niece, friend.

There are no words that can console for the death of loved ones. 

Please accept my sincere condolences to the whole family. 

I will miss you Margaret Sia.

Tito Joey