Sunday, November 21, 2010

Linda Javier celebrates her birthday

Linda Javier, President of Filipino Centre Toronto, celebrated her "49" birthday at the centre. Family, friends and colleagues were in attendance at the festive affair complete with Hawaiian dance numbers and officers doing tribute impersonations and singing "We are the World" as a group. Here are some photos from that happy affair.

Linda Javier celebrates her birthday from Jose Baking on Vimeo.

Birthday celebrant Linda Javier watches a Hawaiian dance from Jose Baking on Vimeo.

Linda Javier with Philip Beloso

Aida d'Orazio lip-synchs a song.

Linda Javier asks her sister to join her in blowing the candles because it is her sister's birthday the next day.

Linda's daughter with grandson seated with Aida.

Linda's husband, Felino takes care of the grandkids for a while.

Linda cuddles two of his grandsons.

Linda's four grandsons joins the celebrations.

They were introduced as Hawaiian beauty queens having been flown just for the occasion. If these is what Hawaiian beauties look like, I'm not coming close to that island.

Jerry Portus sings some folk songs 

Dr. Nenette de Villa a la Nancy Sinatra.

Philip Beloso (FAR RIGHT) and his whole family attend the party.

Rey Tolentino greets Linda.

Linda's sister and brother in law talks about her.

Linda's other sister and brother in law talk about her also.

Linda and company sway to We are the World.

Dr. Vicky Santiago does Beyonce.

Officers of FCT performs We are the World.

Rey Tolentino channels Tom Jones minus the panties being thrown. He should be thankful. Can you imagine the size if somebody did?

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