Monday, December 20, 2010

Caregivers Party at Quiapo Quiapo 2010

Aubrey and Ampee play a game while waiting for the event to start.
Ariel Ramos shows off the form that captivated the hearts ow women in the Philippines last month. It had nothing to do with the t--shirt.

Owner Bob Asuncion of Quiapo Quiapo addresses the crowd.

Carolers asks for a doantion.

Joey Sarmiento is happy that her daughter Oceana warms up to Ampee Panaligan.

Oceana watches as Ampee videotapes sister Maria sing.

Joy Sarmiento wins a gift from Action Honda's Rafael Nebres as hosts Clarisse Rajappan and Philip Beloso picks the next one.

Ocena watches closely what Ampee is taping.

Ampee ends up spooning Oceana when she starts picking the iciing from her cake.

Oceana lines up with Ampee for the food.

Singer Maria with sisters Aubrey and Ampee Panaligan wait for the party to start.

Ramon Estaris addresses the crowd.

Sunshine Asuncion (FAR LEFT) is happy for the winners.


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