Friday, March 25, 2011

Showbiz Hot Again in Toronto

Showbizlandia Again
The year is beginning on a glamorous note. Last month, there was Jovit Baldovino and  Yeng Constantino. A week before them, there, Piolo Pascual. Both the Baldovino-Constantino and Pascual concerts were successful. This month, Jenifer Camacho carries the flag for local artists.  Next, Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo are coming

TORONTO - Kuh Ledesma’s protests in the Philippines about foreign singers performing in the month of February was not well-received by some Filipino singers themselves. Some said they did not need potection. The spectacularly successful concert combination of Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo, known as the Concert King and Queen of the Philippines proved that point. The Valentine’s concert was received with great reviews from critics and audience alike. It was so successful that Concert Impresario Joselito Ronquillo has already booked the pair to perform here in Toronto this year. No date and place has been given yet during the announcement on facebok.
Sarah performed here last year to an appreciative capacity crowd.  Sarah’s successful concert here last year was also brought by Ronquillo. The combination of these two is bound to create more excitement never seen before. No date and place has been announced yet for the two this year.
However, there seems to be another concert that popped out involving Martin Nievera also, but with Gary Valenciano. It is on May 28 at John Bassett Theatre by JREM Productions. Hmmm...will people save money to watch a yet-unscheduled Martin-Sarah or will they shell out money now for this Martin-Gary concert?

This month, two young stars performed for the first time here - Jovit Baldovino and Yeng Constantino. Nevertheless, both stars have been met enthusiastically in the United States. Jovit has even told of stories being met warmly by fellow kababayans in his travels abroad to different countries.
Yeng Constantino has a common sense approach to her music. Known as a rocker, she does sing other songs which she knows are popular with the crowd. 
“Hindi naman puwedeng laging rock ang kantahin ko sa show,” when asked why she sings non-rock songs in the TV show Music Update Live. She also says that the producers also ask her to sing other songs. Expect her to sing a mixture of genre at her concert this month with Jovit.
Piolo Pascual also performed to Toronto fans. Piolo has prbably been here a couple of times in the past but I cannot be sure when or where. I saw some posters in the past in Filipino stores advertising his concert in some nondescript halls in areas like Brampton. However, his time, he performed at the Jane Bassett Theatre in Toronto.
A day before the concert, the promoters had a meet-the-fan promotion at Max’s Fried Chicken at Steeles and Dufferin. It was pandemonium. Without a TV network at our disposal, facebook and tweeter has become our medium by which we learn about up-to-the second details. It is also a way for promoters to announce that Piolo is here. That way, last-minute concert-goers will be persusaded to buy tickets. People have been burned before when they bought tickets early and the artist  did not appear and the producer cannot be found.

However, not to be overlooked early this month is our local artist Jenifer Camacho at the Capitol Theatre. I have always been a fan of Jenifer since I heard her sing more than 10 years ago at Earl Bales Park with her band. Nowadays, I hear her perform at birthdays, debuts, organization and community events. It’s her choice of songs that make her so watchable. She sings songs that are popular, ones that you are familiar with. 

Sometimes, a concert just pops out of the blue. These concerts are usually sponsored by a private company like Forex Cargo. They may be free or not.  The two big networks Kapuso’s GMA-7 and Kapamilya’s ABS-2 and may also hold free concerts with their exclusive artists. These concerts are ususally timed when none of their artists are performing here that is being produced by a local producer. They make sure that they are not too close to the date of the concert of the promoter. They also do not announce them ahead of time or advertise at the same time with the promoter.

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