Friday, April 22, 2011

Philippine Network War starting in Canada with Toronto as battleground

Throwdown in Toronto
There is a Food Network TV show called “Bobby Flay Throwdown” where  star chef Bobby Flay challenges a chef, or restaurant owner that he can make a better delicacy that the chef or restaurant owner is famous for. Then, two judges decide which tastes better. Well, we have something similar to that her in summer. The two biggest Philippine networks will bring their biggest stars to date in competing festivals.

So far, GMA has announced Carla Abellana, Francheska Farr and Arnell Ignacio. 
As of this writing, ABS has countered by announcing that they are bringing Billy Crawford, Kay Brosas, Vina Morales, Christian Bautista, Angeline Quinto, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. 
By the looks of it, ABS seems to have the advantage. But it is still too early in the game. GMA just might be playing a waiting game. 
GMA has partnered with Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Toronto for the Pinoy Fiesta festival which will be held in June. 
ABS had partnered with Philippine Independence Day Council for the Kapamilya Mabuhay festival which willbe held in July. 
When there was only one festival before, which was the Mabuhay, either network (whoever was the sponsor at that time) can bring whoever was  available from their stable of stars to the festival. It did not have to be an A-list star. Any showbiz actor or actress from the Philippines was good enough. With two festivals, the two networks will be fighting for attention. They need to attract more attention than the other because a lot more is at stake. GMA, a late-entrant to the international scene is trying to grab market share of the oveseas Filipinos for much-needed dollars. 
In this case, let the Filipino comunity be the judge.

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