Monday, April 4, 2011

Postcards from far away

Debra Rughoo wrote an article in the Toronto Star about postcards. it seems nobody sends them anymore. In the age of facebook, twitter, cellphones with cameras, nobody bothers to buy one, write, walk to the post office and mail them back anymore. They figured that they will be back home before the postcards arrive to reach their friends anymore, which is true.

Nowadays, nearly everyone posts it on their facebook or sends them thourgh their cellphone. In an age when everyobdy wants anything fast, it seems nobody wants to wait for a postcard by mail anymore.

Well, nearly everybody.

Just like the writer, I am happy to receive the occasional letter from  family and friends. Nowadays, the only letters we receive are invitation to a wedding, a briday or baby shower. I can do wihtout the letters from the cable or telephone company.

However, the advantage of posting your travels in facebook is that friends from your past who happens to live in the city you happen to be visiting can get in touch with you. "Hey, I live here, give me a call." You'll have an unplanned, spontaneous and joyful reunion.

But postcards can be kept. Messages through the web need to be deleted when space becomes scarce on the computer.

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