Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teleserye Princes Concert delivers the kilig

Rayver Cruz, Enchong Dee, Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby 

 made the crowd go wild just for coming on stage. They could 

 have just stood there and smiled and wave and everyone would ahve been happy. But they did more than that. They sang, they danced, they joked with the crowd, they made physical contact by going to the crowd while singing, they a few fans very happy by bringing them onstage to sing to them or to to take part in an apple-eating contest, they delivered everything. 
The one factor 

 that held it together was Pokwang. She provided the laughs and the banter. it was a relief that she did not resort to cheap dirty jokes to get the laughs. It was quite funny when one man in the crowd was game enough to act as he “human mic stand,” where 

 he followed her holding the mic while she sang.
Of course, the biggest star is usually introduced the last and that is Sam Milby. His grasp of Tagalog is still limited. Thankfully, whatever lines in Tagalog he 

 says are now fluent, devoid of the accent of someone who is just speaking it the first time. 
Afterwards, there was the meet 

and greet for the fans which completed the night for everyone. 
The concert was produced by TFC and Rose Ami’s Asia Diva company.

Emiline Cruz Concert

Emiline Cruz’s concert is a Success
Forex Cargo and FV Foods team up in production to showcase an All-Filipino Talent lineup

Dinner and a concert with dancing afterwards?
What nore could you ask for?

The Emiline concert was a classy success.  A chicken dinner, followed by a dessert of ice cream. So very Filipino. We did not even have an appetizer, which is actually the Filipino part of it. Let’s face it, we do not really like appetizers. 

 The headline performer, Emiline Cruz is a very goood singer, one of the better performers in the community. She was joined by four young and  talented singers like
Martina Ortiz-Luis, Edessa Andrada, Alyssa Datu, Maria Panaligan and Jeo Navarro.


 Making this a complete concert is the presence of the Soundtrack 7 band with their lead singer Pablo who sang some duets with Emiline. 

 Not to be overlooked is the presence of  singer Jenifer Camacho, the most active female singer in the community right now. Jenifer will be having her concert on November 26 at the Korean Cultural Centre. 

 The only glitch in the whole concert were the technical problems. Singers will start singing with no sound coming out from their mic and then the sound will slowly come out. 

Forex President Larry Baguisa poses with singer Maria Ortiz Luis.

At one point, they cannot find the song of singerr Maria Panaligan even though they had it during sound check two hours befor e the concert. 
All in all, it was an enjoyable concert to spend your Friday night. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dr. Solon Guzman missed me?

I am not sure if she meant it but Mayette Morillo of Mayette’s Restaurant told me, that she has not seen me in a long time. I told her I was away for 4 weeks.
I guess if you take a four-week vacation in summer, it is bound to get noticed. 
When I came back, one of the voice mails I got was from Joy Sarmiento of Pinoy News wondering why I was not at Dr. Solon Guzman’s party for his daughter. I could have sworn I told him I was going to be away from September 10 to October 8 this year. 
Summer is a difficult time to take a vacation in the Filipino newspaper business. It is the height of the season for Filipino events. 
However, even on vacation, one must still keep the newspaper going. I brought my laptop with me so as to be able to layout the newspaper, sent it to the printer by file transfer protocol, and pick it up and deliver it when I come back.
What I cannot do was cover the events while I was away. That is impossible. 
You see, a Filipino publisher in toronto does not hire anyone.  The publisher is everyone. The publisher is the layout artist, photographer, reporter, delivery-person, advertising salesperson, accounting, etc...
A publisher is Toronto is not a billionaire like they are in the Philippines. 
However, everyone back in the Philippines is impressed if you tell them you are a publisher. They think apublisher here is the same as a publisher there - rolling in money. 
So, if you are already covering an event on one end of the city and there is another event on the other end, one of them will not get covered. The other event ends up sending you their photos and write-ups about their event, which is fine by me. It makes my job easier.
So, to Dr. Solon Guzman who was looking for me during his daughter’s birthday, I am sorry I was not able to attend her party. I was not only at the other end of the city.  I was actually halfway on the other side of the globe, in the hot, humid Philippines.