Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teleserye Princes Concert delivers the kilig

Rayver Cruz, Enchong Dee, Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby 

 made the crowd go wild just for coming on stage. They could 

 have just stood there and smiled and wave and everyone would ahve been happy. But they did more than that. They sang, they danced, they joked with the crowd, they made physical contact by going to the crowd while singing, they a few fans very happy by bringing them onstage to sing to them or to to take part in an apple-eating contest, they delivered everything. 
The one factor 

 that held it together was Pokwang. She provided the laughs and the banter. it was a relief that she did not resort to cheap dirty jokes to get the laughs. It was quite funny when one man in the crowd was game enough to act as he “human mic stand,” where 

 he followed her holding the mic while she sang.
Of course, the biggest star is usually introduced the last and that is Sam Milby. His grasp of Tagalog is still limited. Thankfully, whatever lines in Tagalog he 

 says are now fluent, devoid of the accent of someone who is just speaking it the first time. 
Afterwards, there was the meet 

and greet for the fans which completed the night for everyone. 
The concert was produced by TFC and Rose Ami’s Asia Diva company.

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