Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pasko na Naman Migrants Christmas party by Western Union

Pasko na Naman Christmas Party sponsored by Western Union was a very festive celebration of Christmas. It was held at the Our Lady of Assumption Church hall. The event was attended by Philippine Ambassador Leslie Gatan and Congen Pedro Chan. And there were lots of delicious food left over after the event was over. And they were telling people to take some home. The event was greatly hosted by Studio 6. 

Josei de Leon and Rollie Gatchalian listens to Ambassador Leslie Gatan.

Western Union's Chito Gonzales talks to Marvi Yap.

The Ontario Alliance of Caregivers were in attendance.

The Our Lady of Assumption Caregivers Ministry sang some Christmas songs.

Western Union's Bill Van Koot sings with the choir.

Western Union's Jocelyn David talks to Ambassador Leslie Gatan.

Josie de Leon gives out free t-shirts who can add liveliness to the proceedings by taking to the dance floor.

At limbo rock, the winner gets to take home the rope.

The farmers of Leamington attended the event. They came by bus.  

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