Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jed Madela's beyond Expectations" concert exceeds Expectations

First, I will start with the ending. I think the concert finished at around 11pm. Jed started singing at 9:07pm on my watch.  There were two singers who san a total of 3 songs between his first half and second half. One was Gian Carlo Bobila, another award-winnign singer. The other was a female singer from Vancouver. Before Jed Madela started, there were 7 singers who sang a total of 14 songs as a front act, starting at 7:30pm.

I think I can count in my hands the concerts that have gone the distance in Toronto. I believe Martin Nievera at Roy Thomson Hall was one of them at 3 hours.

Jed Madela did not disappoint. This Toronto was the last stop in his Canadian tour. He started at Vancouver, then Calgary and Winnipeg.

He sang a mix of broadway songs, Filipino songs and oldies from the sixties. All in all, it was an enjoyable concert. He also sang "Sometimes when we touch," a la Manny Pacquiao. Guest Martha Joy sang Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time."

The producer of the concert was UMAC cargo, avery reliable door to door company operating worldwide.

Jed Madela wowed the crowds with a variety of genre.

Alyssa Datu

Edessa Andrada

Edessa Andrada, Emiline Cruz, Inah Patrizia, and Maria Panaligan pose backstage before the start of the show.

Emiline Cruz 

A fan is happy to ahve posed with jed.

Another fan poses with Jed.

FV Foods co-owner Flor Vendiola (SECOND FROM RIGHT) poses at the FV  snack stand.

Gian carlo Bobila sang at intermission.

Inah Patrizia sings one of her original composition.

Jheo Navarro sings an environmental song.

Jheo Navarro gets a little help from Maria Panaligan's (IN RED) sister Aubrey.

Jed Madela goes broadway.

Steve and Belen Biaoco, with Father Macalipay pose with singer Martha Joy (SECOND FROM RIGHT).

Martina Ruiz.

UMAC producer Joseph Alilio (FAR RIGHT) pose with the other singers and their parents.

Maria Panaligan is one of the front acts.

Maria Panaligan checks her make-up.

Maria gets a little help from her sister Aubrey.

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