Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Josie de Leon continues to Impress us

Josie de Leon is one of the singers in the community that does not do birit songs. Hers is a voice you want to hear singing, when you are with your loved one, in a classy club, whether it’s Valentine’s day or not. 
 Indeed Love was felt in the air that night of February 25th at the Gateway Center Mississauga in the 

“Evening of Love and Music” concert which featured Toronto’s Diva , Miss Josie de Leon and her students, Minay Aleron, Glenn Sevillo, Chadwick Sabado, Maria Salac, Joy Vale, Haze Joy Tulod and Ashley Suva.

The audience enjoyed a sumptuous sit down dinner that matched the classy ambiance provided by caterer CafĂ© One. 
Miss de Leon opened up with a bang as she proved her singing prowess when she opened up the 

concert with her own rendition of Barbara Streisand’s, “The Main Event.” Love songs followed one after the other, expressing her different vision of love through the years. Songs like “The Way you 

Look Tonight”, “Someone to Watch Over Me”, “La Vie En Rose” and the “Carpenters Medley” were some of the beautiful songs she sang to the audience that night.

“Josie has an amazing voice, a witty sense of humour, a warm charisma and a classy personality,” says Irish Quiambao, who was with her whole family that evening.

The students of Josie de Leon School of Performing Arts were also a delight to watch and listen to. All of them expressed their gratitude to their teacher and mentor as they sang their hearts and souls out with every song they delivered.

Adding to the line-up of guest performers that night was 2011 World Performing Arts Champion, 

Mr. Gian Carlo Bobila who sang a sweet duet with Josie plus some solo numbers that gave everyone the chills because of his suave voice.
“I think we fell in love all over again!” as most of the couples that night commented.
It was a night to remember, truly an evening of Love and Music. Kudos to Studio Six production for another successful endeavor!