Thursday, May 17, 2012


The Camilineos Association of Canada held their Spring Fiesta dinner last May 5. A great time was had by all. Music. Fun. Dancing. Good friends and family. What more do you want. Here are some of the photos from that party as contributed by Harold Guarin of Roadsport Honda. 

Harold Guarin standing in front of the raffle prices, Thanks to Roadsport Honda.

Harold Guarin with family and friends

Some of the beautiful ladies enjoying the fiesta party.

Birthday celebrants, celebrating their birthday.

Emy Escultura (far right in white top) with friends.

Laoacanian Association of North America enjoying the fiesta.

 The kitchen crew preparing the dessert.

Harold Guarin of Roadsport Honda presenting to Jose Reyes the grand winner.
Gift basket winners Thanks to Roadsport Honda.

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