Monday, December 17, 2012

Bicol Canada Christmas party

The wind was strong. The chill in the air pierces the skin. But the warmth inside the Bluffer’s Park Restaurant was warm, welcoming and inviting. I went straight to the party after work. So did Bernie Sychangco so it was just me and him at 
around 6 PM. Then, Bicol Canada president Rafael Nebres of Action Honda arrived. The night was filled with fun. I had a great time talking with newsman Jojo Taduran. I was about to leave at 10 PM when Consul General Juniver Mahilum-West arrived. According to Jojo, this new Congen is indefatigable, attending as much as 6 events a night. Whew. I am already tired just attending one event. All in all, it was a great night. Good friends, great food and great entertainment and camaraderie, what was not to like? Merry Christmas to everyone.

Bicol Canada president Rafael Nebres confers with newsman Jojo Taduran.

Bicol Canada Presient Rafael Nebres cehcks out LM Confidential newspaper.

Steve Pagao talks with guest.

Alex Guarnes is in beautiful company.

Rafael Nebres chats with lawyer Alex Guarnes.

The Talakayan media joins the party.

Philippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto president Oswald Tugadi  greets TFC's Marco Amoranto ad Bicol president Rafael Nebres looks on.

Oswald Tugadi poses with Arlene Martirez.

Zor and Alex Guerina (3rd and 4th FROM THE LEFT) pose with friends at the party.

Consul General Junever Mahilum-West arrives and joins the table with president Rafael Nebres and TFC's Marco Amoranto.

Bicol Canada president Rafael Nebres happily welcomes all the guests.

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