Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ifugao Association of Canada Christmas Party

Thanks to Philip Tomas (Photographer)

With Nieves Cawitan and Lalyn Lindawan.

Fred Tomas with Mr. Carlos Castillo - BIBAK President (Toronto) 

With Marikit Wanawan DangoyCelyn G Cupido,Roger PuguonCarlos CastilloThunder Storm,Kalagui Mari and Jhang M. Sal-ao.

With Gemma AtaguanMarshall HomecgoyGlen YoungLilian Rose Vic and Be-eng Ataguan.

With Elaria Nginhena.

With Julie Barut LapitanImmaya Polig and Rhemz Cerezo.

With Perl Quezram Dasep and Gilda Fuellos.

Fred Tomas (Outgoing President) with Dr. Ernie Puguon (Incoming President), Ifugao Association of Canada Incorporated. — with Ernie Barton Puguon.

With Ashley Aben.


With Tess Canlas and Ann Yamoto.

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With Jose N Benwic at Korean Canadian Cultural Centre.

With Marilyn Alindayo and Lilian Rose Vic.

With Senator Tobias "Jun" and Mrs Rosemer Enverga and PCCF Officers — with Noemi Transfiguracion MilanesLita Carpio LeanoTobias Jun EnvergaFaye Hangdaan and Rosemer Albovias Enverga.

With Indud Binwag.

Inducting Officer - Phil-Consul General Junever Mahilum-West

The Ifugao Young Generation! — with Dulawan EsterJessie Wangit Tuldague and Jezreel Tuldague.

With Joyce Aluyen and Venus Tayaban.

The three wise men :-) — with Ernie Barton Puguon and Jessie Wangit Tuldague.

With Cleo Wadasen and Kalagui Mari.

Awarding of gifts to Ifugao New Babies — withMarshall HomecgoyEmelda BanzaFaye HangdaanWinnie JasTessa B Marcelo and Roger Puguon.

Oath Taking, new officers & Board of Advisers, Ifugao Association of Canada Incorporated. — with Karen Grace DumondonBeth Dulnuan,Evangeline DulinayanJessie Wangit Tuldague,Gilda FuellosFaye HangdaanErnie Barton Puguon and Imie Belanger.

Ifugao Association Officers & Board of Advisers with the Senator & Mrs Rosemer Enverga. — withJessie Wangit TuldagueKaren Grace Dumondon,Gilda FuellosEvangeline DulinayanImie BelangerFaye HangdaanRosemer Albovias EnvergaTobias Jun EnvergaErnie Barton Puguon,Venus TayabanBeth Dulnuan and Dulawan Ester.

With Senator Jun & Mrs. Rosemer Enverga.
 — withErnie Barton Puguon and Faye Hangdaan.

Valedictory speech by the outgoing President (Fred Tomas)

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