Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anghel ng Tahanan Christmas Party 2013

I attended the Christmas party of Anghel ng Tahanan at Castro's Fiestahan restaurant at 4130 Bathurst St. The food spread was delicious. There was kaldereta, menudo, dinuguan, fried chicken and the crowd favorite of the night, pinapaitan. Of course, there was rice, pancit and vegetables and a fruit platter. The party, hosted by Philippine Courier's Ramon Datol and Cecille Araneta of Edcille Productions. There were games, prizes and gifts for everyone. There were also toys that will be donated to GMA Kapuso Foundation to be given to poor children in the Philippines. The games composed of "bring me something… newspaper dance, popping balloons and a dance stop motion" which was eventually changed.  In the dance stop motion, people stay like a statue when the music stops and anyone who moves gets eliminated. When it became clear that it will take days before we eliminate someone, they changed it to passing a plastic flower petal. Whoever is holding the flower when the music stops gets eliminated. Then, there was Pinoy Henyo, an intellectually stimulating game,  and also great fun.  There was also music where most of the contestants of the Anghel ng Tahanan sang karaoke. It seemed like they can all sing. I think it is just natural for Filipinos. That includes me. But my singing is best confined in the shower. Anyway, the night was a great night of fun and entertainment. Good food, good company of friends surrounded by gorgeous and beautiful women, oh what a night, as Franki Valli and The 4 Seasons sang. What a night indeed.

Toys donated will be given to GMA Kapuso Foundation to be distributed to poor children in the Philippines.

Mon Datol sees who has the longest hair in the "bring me the…"contest.

This guy brought a Philippine currency coin to win a prize.

I am not sure if Ramon Datol and Cecille Araneta have a new idea for a new prize for the Anghel ng Tahanan pageant in 2014.

She really swallows the whole banana with gusto. She even bit my finger.