Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ampee Panaligan's Debut, December 29, 2012

Ampee Panaligan celebrated her 18th birthday in the company of family and friends. Relatives and cousins from Ohio came. it was a wonderful affair. The cotillion was a delight to watch. It was simple yet elegant. It just goes to show that the best things are best left simple. The debut was made livelier by Araconcept dj Arizona, which was badly needed after a black-out put a bump in the proceedings. We thought if the lights will not come back, we might as well proceed even with the lights out. With the party booked until 2 AM, we proceeded with the portion of “dance with My father Again,” in acapella being sang by the debutante’s sister Maria Panaligan Panaligan at around 11:35 PM. Then, the lights came back and everybody shouted in excitement. Then, the hired band - Innovation Band - left. Huh!  They did not even play a single song up to that time.  Nice gig for $500.  They came without their lead singer, Lesley Casey, Maria Panaligan’s co-lead singer in the band. That is why they cut their fee in half. Anyway,  when they abruptly left, that is when the dj, Arizona, of Araconcept Entertainment (416-302-4263) who gave a great bargain to the debutante’s mom Genelie, took over and brought the party to avery exciting and lively finish up to 2AM. Philip Beloso as master of ceremonies kept the program going at a brisk pace.

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