Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nadeene's 7th Birthday

Nadeene Panaligan celebrated her 7th birthday three times. The first one was at McDonald's. The second one was at Tita Tonet's house and the third one was in Ohio. Here are some of those photos except the ones at McDonald's which I cannot find. 

Sister Tess helps make turon at Tita Tonet's house.

Tita Flor Martinez and mom Genelie make turon.

Tito Ariel Martinez entertains Nadeene.

Tita Flor helps Tess make the turon while Tita Tonet and Aubrey do the cooking.

Mom Genelie, sister Aubrey, Nadeene and sister Tess pose for a photo.


Dad Sherwin arrives in Ohio.

Nadeene's sisters Ampee, Tess, and Aubrey arrive in Ohio.

Sisters Glenda and Genelie eat dinner.

Tito Rico Zaragoza greets Tess upon arrival.

Remar, Rico and Glenda watch TV.

FV Foods platter arrives in Ohio.

Nadeene and Gabby looks at the cake,

Nadeene, Gabby and Nadia watches as the candles are lit.

Tess looks on as mom pours the soup.

Archie and Genette carry Bella.

Cousins Angel Dawinan and Ampee Panaligan strike a pose.

FV Foods platter reaches the party in Ohio intact.

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