Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Parent's Love - WCOP fundraising

This is What Dreams are Made Of

Talent, determination and luck are needed to succeed as a singer. But part of  of a singer’s success also rely on the support, love, and hard work of parents behind the scenes.  

Last March 16, the family of Alyssa Datu and Katharine Reyes
held a joint fundraising dinner-dance at the Our Lady of Assumption Chrurch to send them to  the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) championships in Hollywood, California.  
On April 27, another Filipino performer, Roy Tugbang will be having his fundraising concert entitled Splendere at the Cardinal Carter Centre for the Arts.
 On July 12-21, Alyssa Datu, Katharine Reyes and Roy Tugbang will be going to the championships in Hollywood, California.
These three Filipinos will show their talents against the best of the best in the world. 
“WCOPA is like the olympics of the performing arts. They get exposure and experience,” said Gerrie, Alyssa’s dad. 
These talented performers have been entertaining Filipinos events in Association parties, doing front-acts for famous stars from the Philippines and local Filipino festivals. 
What people do not see is the sacrifice parents make to support their children’s passion for singing and dancing. They drive them to events that may not even give them even gas money. 
In 2011, somebody told singer Maria Panaligan’s mom, Genelie, that a party is a bit dry or not complete if there is no featured singer.  Underappreciated in our midst, these local talented performers add a touch of glamour easily accessible to all of us.  Yet, without the loving suppport of their parents, we would not have any of these performers in our midst. Our parties would have to settle for singers from one of us whose talent is on a karaoke level.
So, the next time these singers bring their parents along in your party, be thankful. 
Or you can listen to one of your male guests  who’s had a few beers belt out the Celine Dion song “My heart will go on” as your entertainment number.  If you have not been in that situation before, go to Karaoke bar and listen to someone who is being encouraged by his or her friends to keep on singing.
You do not want that. 

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