Sunday, May 5, 2013

Camilineos Fiesta Dinner

Camilineos Assocaition of Canada celebrated their fiesta last May 4, 2013. Proceeds of the dinner will go towards helping their town in Camiling, Tarlac.  Below are two videos and the photos of that festive celebration.  The food was served fast because they were already in containers. It also reduce waste. Inside was a big, juicy roasted fried chicken thigh and leg quarter, rice, with a side serving of vegetable.  Pre-packed fruit was the desert. There were great entertainment.    

mobile from Jose Baking
on Vimeo.

Birthday celebrants for the month of May blow the candles.

Camilineo Association president Harold Guarin (IN PINK) greet guests by the entrance.

Michael Magali serendes the crowd.

Andy Gabriel wows the crowd with his Engelbert Humperdink song.

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