Monday, June 10, 2013

FCT's Pistahan sa Nathan is a Success but ends on an Ominous Note

The Filipino Centre, Toronto had their Pistahan sa Nathan Philips Square festival. It is a celebration of Independence Day, Santacruzan, Parada ng lechon, singing contest, and assorted other Philippine festivals rolled into one. It was a complete success. Thank you very much to Linda and Felino Javier for the lechon. Filipino food vendors courtesy of Ilocandia, Inihaw and our always-reliable friendly vendors FV Foods, and the owners Mel and Flor, and their staff Ling. 

However, at the end of the festival, FCT  President Linda Javier said that the City of Toronto is thinking of charging fees to any organization that wants to use the square starting next year. It is not sure whether non-profit organizations, like the FCT will be exempt. 
If it passes, we might have to find another venue. 


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