Sunday, June 9, 2013

PIDC Miss Philippines 2013

Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) held their Miss Philippines pageant at the Korean Cultural Centre. Here are some of the photos of that happy event.
The PIDC Miss Philippines winners.

Gene Elamparo poses with Miss Philippines 2013 Joanne Ascueta while other beauties Naomi Macapagal and Kesiah Papasin chat.

Joanne Ascueta checks the photos as the Miss Photogenic award is announced.

Judges Kesiah Papasin and Ready Honda's Anita Diaz are two of the 7 judges who made the difficult decision of picking the winners. 

"Not yet Mr. Demille, I'm not ready for my close up yet," as Minda Neri covers herself.

This time, Minda Neri poses with the other officers. 

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