Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pleasant weather blesses Kalayaan Picnic 2013

The threat of bad weather hang over the Kalayaan picnic at the start of the day. The forecast was for cloud and chance of rain. The Gods must have been watching becasue the day turned out to be pleasantly warm instead with no rain putting a damper on the activities. The temperature was spring-like. Humidity and heat were non-existent. But the dun was all around the Kalayaan picnic as activity after activity went on unhampered. 

Dr. Annette Simbulan (RIGHT) pose with fellow doctor.

r. Annette Simbulan (in glasses) checks out the contestants of the hotdog eating contest.

Angeline Guzman gets her goodies at the pabitin.

Either Clem Cabillan is showing Dr. Simbulan a news dance move or some kind of martial arts maneuver.

Clem Cabillan (second from left) presents the proceeds of the donations to the hotdog stand.

Culture Philippines Ontario presents the itik dance.

CPO presents another number.

The crowd can now watch under a covered pavilion.


Dr. Solon Guzman carries daughter Angeline.

Dr. Solon Guzman psoes with the grill guys.

Dr. Solon Guzman gives an interview.

Dr. Annette Simbulan and Clem Cabillan pose with everyone at their charity hotdog stand.

When they say stop, this contestant stops.

Alev Usta performns with the CPO.

Josie de Leon interviews beauty titlist Samira.

Mann Nacario, Alma Torreno, Mama Ching Quejas and Doctor Solon smile for the camera.

The pabitin brings out the fun for the children.

Dr. Solon Guzman does the newspaper dance.

Sisters Princess and Angeline Guzman dance the Hawaiian.

The sausage grill man strikes a pose.

The Staircase duet perfroms.

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