Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jenifer Camacho's Birthday Bash

September 20, 2013 was a night of glamour and fashion as Jenifer Camacho celebrated her birthday and press conference for her upcoming concert.
The party was held at the elegant Qssis Banquet Hall in Kingston Road, Scarborough. The event was attended by different members of the Filipino community media and special people in the diva’s life. Jenifer Camacho, Toronto’s singing diva, was surrounded by well-wishers headed by her family Daniel Scenna, only son Nate Camacho, her older sister Beth Oable and her family. Her supporters and friends such as pinta’s Candace Mallari David for her hair and make up contribution, Annak Ti Abra founders Buena Bersalona and Alfonso Terenal, Ms Agnes Miranda of WFG were also at the event. It is very noteable to see her supporters in the business community as well, such as  Bong & Sally Capitin of Cusina and long-time friend  Dr. Solon Guzman. The evening was a powerhouse, leaving the guests with awe as they were entertained by Mobistar Grand Champion Jeanette Ricasio, a diva and a music instructor Amsky Chan, upcoming singer Kayla Obra, G- power dancers, host and singer Mitchie Fernandez and the dashing and handsome crooner/ model Marco Raqueno. The celebration will not be complete without the diva’s solo performances and indeed, the night was a blast!
The cake was created by Juvy Obra.
 The press conference launched the announcement for Jenifer 4ever 4 concert that will be held on March 29, 2014. The committees for the upcoming concert are: Jennifer Sy (JCR Entertainment), Chris Park (JCR Entertainment), Aspi Wadiwalla well known political /social and community leader,  pinta - Candace Mallari David, and Mitchie Fernandez.

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