Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kris Reyes shares her Insight

 The Philippine Press Club
Ontario is having a speaker
series featuring people who
make a difference.
First of this series featured
reporters Dyan Ruiz  and
Joseph Smooke  of The Real
News Network and The
Philippine Reporter. They
report on human rights issues in
the Philippines.
Next speaker was Kris Reyes
 of Global News. If you wake
up early and turn on the TV
before leaving your house, you
probably see her as one of the
hosts of The Morning Show.
Kris shared her experiences on
how she got to be on television,
and her insight on how to break
in the mainstream media which
was appreciated by the members
of the ehtnic Filipino press
members and other people in
the community.
The Josie de Leon School for
the performing Arts showcased
their student’s talents with a
presentation Disney and it was a
delight to watch young Filipino
talents entertain the crowd with
popular numbers. The power
couple of JDLSPA, Josie de
Leon  and Mark Crescini
 The Filipino Channel, now
presenting their own shows
without partnering with local
festivals presented Kapamilya
Fiesta World Reloaded at the
Sony Center featuring Piolo
Pascual, Sam Milby, Angeline
Quinto  and Pokwang.  As
expected, Pokwang made the
audience laugh but Piolo and
Sam got the most shrieks of
delight and the most kilig
factor just by appearing. They
did not even have to open their
mouth to entertain the crowd.
More photos and article on this
concert in the next issue.
It is getting busier and busier
in the community now that
Christmas is getting close. The
Paskuhan festival, which was
launched to great fanfare last
year is on again on November
30 at the Metro Toronto

Convention Centre.

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