Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lakambini ng Turismo 2014 Pageant brings back the Swimsuit Competition.

Lakambini ng Turismo 2014 put the swimsuit competition back in their beauty pageant long after everybody else has eliminated it. We hope they keep it.

I was pleasantly surprised when Lakambini ng Turismo 2014 beauty pageant included a swimsuit competition in the program. It has been more than 10 years when all others have replaced theirs with a

 “casual” attire competition.  With a January date, it is  a welcome diversion to the slow winter months, like 

until the birth of the Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated whose original purpose was to fill the winter

months, a typically slow point in the sporting calendar and to fill space, including the cover, with a beautiful 

model. The first issue, released in 1964, entailed a cover featuring Babette March and a five-page layout. I

believe the reason for the elimination of the swimsuit competition was the loud cheers emanating from the

audience as if they are in  a boxing match. Ironically, there seems to be no difference in their cheers whether

it is a gown or a casual competition.

Unfortunately, the date of the Lakambini pageant will change from January to sometime in the middle of the

year, according to pageant impressario Candace Mallari David.  I guess I’ll have to keep my swimsuit

shots February of the coming year to put it in the cover.


It wasn’t always like this.
New Year’s eve celebration used to be a smaller version of the Christmas celebration with all the children. 
But as the years go by, the children have all grown in to their teens and prefer to spend greeting the year with their friends in greeting the new year in bars or some city centre with thousands of other revellers. Those who have married spend their time with the other family.  or other relatives.
In my family, only one family managed to bring their three children. Then again, they are still too young to be going out or to be left at home, even if that is what the children would have wanted, what with no one to play with. 
Through the years, the new year’s celebration has become quieter.  As we have seen ourselves age, the children grow up, more and more we end up with the company of the TV, watching giddy people from all over the world celebrate the coming of the year.  
It seems that New Year’s eve celebration has been replaced by Easter Sunday what with it’s tradition of an an Easter egg hunt remains an activity for children. Therefore, all the children who have grown up, married, had children will definitely attend. 


But now comes the Rey Valera Valentine concert coming this February 14 in Toronto and Febraury 16 in Hamilton. The Rey Valera concert will feature our local talents to showcase his romantic compositions for those in love.  There is also the True Faith and  Wency Cornejo concert on Februay 22.  With nothing happening on the horizon except frigid weather, these two concerts are a welcome break from this real winter we are getting. 

3rd runner-up Denice Raagas, 1st runner-up Alison Garcia, 2nd runner-up Keesha Cerezo Lakambini ng Turismo 2014 titlist Krista Bella and Alison Garcia with brother and mom (PHOTO BY BONG MOLANO).

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