Monday, February 17, 2014

My Valentine Evening - Rey Valera concert followed by Lakambini Beauites

I spent the evening covering the first half of Rey Valera concert. The composer, singer, musical arranger, and of of the original members of the OPM was a delight to watch. The other singers in the concert were equally impressive. Britney Waito sang the opening number. Maria Panaligan sang "Pers Lab," the first composition of Mon Toralba, an original member of the Hotdog band. isabella Santiago sang "Mr DJ" an original Rey Valera composition that catapulted a then-young Sharon Cuneta to stardom. They did justice to the popular songs that are by now well-loved by millions of Filipinos all over. 

Afterwards, I had to drive to Cucina for a birthday dinner for Keesha Cerezo at Cucina. She is joined by other winners and contestants of the Lakambini pageant like Lakambini 2014 winner Krista Bella, Melissa Rejante, Shawna Mae Fresco and Sharmaine Salvacion. Keesha was the 2nd runner-up at the pageant. Lakambini producer-impressario Candace Mallari Davidinvited me to join them. At around 11pm, we had to leave Cucina because some of the girls are not of drinking age yet. So, we went to Country Style donuts across the street. So, this is how my evening of Valentine went. I had to cover a very entertaining concert, pose with beautiful girl and then run off to cover a birthday party with beautiful girls again. Now, I know what writer Irwin Shaw said about war photographer Robert Capa being always ready to go "to the next war or the next bar." It's not an easy job for a newsman but somebody has to cover the news. 
 — at Toronto International Celebration Church.
Britney Waito does the soundcheck.

Rey Valera chats with isabella Santiago, maria Panaligan, Philip Beloso and Mon Torralba.

Isabella Santiago puts on make-up.

isabella sings Mr DJ.

Britney Waito puts mon ake-up.

Brtiney Waito and Philip Beloso poses with composer Rey Valera.

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SEATED FROM LEFT, Shawna Mae Fresco, Keesha Cerezo and Krista Bella
STANDING FROM LEFT, Lakambini producer Candace Mallari David, Sharmaine Salvacion, Melissa Rejante

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