Monday, February 17, 2014

Rey Valera at FV Foods

Rey Valera made an appearance at FV Foods at Bathurst and Wilson a day after his very successful concert.  No less than the FV Foods honcho himself, Mel Galeon entertained the special guest during the merineda buffet from 1 - 6pm last February 15. I have finally tasted the puto dulce de leche combination and was pleasantly surprised that it works. The combination of the two just felt perfect in the mouth and it was not too sweet or bland. In fact, one could call it the perfect umami, that indescribable taste and feel when a food is just right. His mini bibingka is also a revelation. Straight from the oven it has that moist feel like a chocolate molten cake but not runny.  I also had the taste of the puto bungbong straight from the oven.  It was perfect afternoon.

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