Monday, May 5, 2014

Filipino Centre Toronto - President's Gala 2014

Filipino Centre Toronto's once-every-two-year President's Gala was held last May 3, 2014 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. it was glamorous affair attended by no less than Ontario Premier Kathlyn Wynne in full campaign mode. With her is Transport Minister Glenn Murray. Here are some of the photos of that evening. Filipino  Centre Toronto 

The President’s Gala is a glamorous fundraising celebration every 2 years to raise funds towards maintaining the FCT and all it’s community activities. It also gives out the Young Entrepreneurial and Professional Award to those who have achieved success in their chosen fields and elevate the profile of the Filipino in Canadian society. 

FCT Officers present the Young Entrepreneurial and Professional Award - FCT President Linda Javier (3RD FROM LEFT) receives the award on behalf of Vincent Villanis of Bamboo beer, Francis Rementilla of Bodybliss chain of wellness centres, Emiliano and wife of No Frills, John Pasia, Derek and Andrew Tumulak.  

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne (5TH FROM RIGHT)  and MPP Transport Minister Glen Murray (4TH FROM LEFT) pose with FCT President Linda Javier (3RD FROM RIGHT), FCT Member Philip Beloso (2ND FROM RIGHT) , FCT officer Rey Tolentino (6th FROM RIGHT) and Liberal nominee candidate Rafael Fabregas (FAR LEFT).   

Monique Fabregas is honored for making an FCT quilt and Dr. Vicky Santiago is honored for her unwavering support for the FCT since it's inception.

Rosary Escano of TFC, Tess Belosos and Perle Alilio of Forex / UMAC Cargo and family enjoy the evening of glamour and music.

Dr. Vicky Santiago notices that the bids for alcohol seem to be moving fast.

Premier kathleen Wynne (CENTRE) poses with Anita Diaz (RIGHT) of Reeady Honda.

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