Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chin Picnic 2014

I was not planning to cover the CHIN picnic. I have never covered it in the past. Pilita Corrales is a great entertainer but it was not good enough a reason for me to go there. That, and the $25 parking fee. Then, I found out that the Lakambini beauties will be doing a presentation during the Filipino portion and I changed my mind. The Lakambini beauties are the young beautiful ladies that have joined the lakambini pageant by Impressario Candace Mallari David. She also owns Pinta, a make-up design conglomerate in the making. The CHIN picnic is a multicultural show hosted by CHIN radio and the boss lent Lombardi, who inherited tha station nd the festival from his late father Johnny Lobardi. Filipino radio personality Joel Recla happens to work for CHIN Radio.  

With Lakambini beauties presenting a fashion show of our Philippine traditional gowns, it added a glamorous touch to the show. With Keana Cerezo, Jenifer Camacho, Chyrell Samson, Amsky Chan, The Rize representing the local singing talents in the community,  it was a great show for everyone.  Wiith Pilita Corrales headlining the show, who would not enjoy the show? 

All in all, it was a great presentation by the Filipino community.  

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