Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leo's Skilled Caregivers Sportsfest

Leo's Skilled Caregivers held their annual Sportsfest at Earl Bales park last July 12 which was attended by hundreds of participants. I came to over the event. Well, actually, I was embedded with the Lakambini athletes. Well, they are more beautiful than athletic. But they excel in sports too. They managed to win second place in 100meter dash, the 200-meter day, and the 4-person relay team and the Pinoy Henyo.

Lakambini ng Turismo joins Leo's Caregiver Sportsfest 2014 from Jose Baking on Vimeo.

They nearly lost the Pinoy Henyo when guessing the word TORONTO, and Alison Garcia asked if it is in North America and Keesha said no. Fortunately, near the end, Alison asked if it is a city in Canada and she guessed it right.

So, these ladies are beauties, brawns and brains.

Thankfully, the brawns and brains are well-wrapped in a nice packages.

Leo Sportsfest is the brainchild of Leo's Skilled Caregivers founder Digna Cawayan and her husband Rey Mapeso. It was a well-run fun event and they and their staff deserve the credit. The logistics and hard work involved in running an event like this is not laughing matter. To them, we thank you and
applaud you.

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