Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Angeline Guzman's 7th Birthday - Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Angeline's 7th birthday celebration at Fairmont Royal York is the second 7th birthday debut I've attended. Not surprisingly, the first one is the one for Angeline's elder sister Princess.

Being 7 marks a child’s entry into his primary schooling (first grade, big school, etc.) and indicates that he’s no longer a “baby.” Much later on, the 18th birthday also is special because this marks a child’s transition from childhood to adulthood. 

Last month, Angeline celebrated her birthday, debut style. She is the daughter of Dr. Solon and Josephine Guzman. 

Just like a regular debut, it had a cotillion, 7 flowers, 7 balloons, 7 wishes and 7 treasures. it also featured 7 singers like Lilac Cana, Inah Canlapan, Jenifer Camacho and 4 others. The themes of the party was the movie Wizard of Oz, so there was a presentation where Angeline played Dorothy. Of course, it had great food, and good company. It was a great party for everyone, specially the kids. 

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