Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dolorosa Canada Celebration

Dolorosa Canada starts their 3-day celebration of the Virgin Mary with a mass, followed by a welcome dinner at Qssis on September 11. The dress code for the night was “International.” Of course, there is a winner for Best Dressed. It was a tie between two couples, Mayor Renato Alilio and wife Lebbie, and Ador Beloso 

and wife Dory

The next day, they have a mass, followed by the Fiesta at Our Lady of Fatima church hall. On the third day, they have a picnic at Bluffers Park but it was raining the whole day. 

So, they held it at a house near Brimley and St. Clair. Actually, it was held at two houses that were beside each other connected by a door through the garage. It turned out to be a great “picnic” because the food just kept on coming. Dolorosa President is Philip Beloso. The houses belong to Philip’s brother Pedy Beloso and his wife Ising and the other one to Pedy’s sister in law Flor de Rosales. 
Photos are by me and nene Panganiban.


Dado and Noemi Laguer enjoy the Fiesta dinner.

Pinoy News Joy Sarmiento and Mel Galeon of FV Foods dance the night away.

Mayor renato Alilio poses with FV Foods' Mel Galeon.

Center is Perly Alilio of Forex and her daughter Hannah on the right.

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