Friday, May 5, 2017

Rise of a Songbird

A rising young sentimental songstress in the making, Fienne Mendoza lifts and soar like a songbird ready to sing in flight and this concert shows it. 

Born in Singapore and moved to Canada with her parents at age four. Her inborn talent and passion for music brought her innocent years into learning the art of singing and relentlessly honing it. At age 12, she became Champion to a local competition in the Juvenile Category in Toronto.

Her journey brought her to many meaningful projects in the community across the GTA and Durham Region where she shared her voice in name of charity.

If you are a fan of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and other soul singers in the world then you know that Fienne Mendoza can cradle you to peace and serenity with a voice that is clean, clear and sweet.

On her first solo concert in a place where only the bests come on stage, this concert was full of surprises, which is a potpourri of songs and dances by surprise guests and where Fienne Mendoza showed her prowess and versatility. 

Supported by singers of great caliber in the Filipino community, the concert was a success. Everybody had a great time. Here are some of the photos.

Fienne Mendoza opened with a Michael Jackson song, Billy jean to the delight of the crowd.

Angela Castillo

Angela Castillo

Li Eron, Fil-American President of Central New York, Mr.Salvador Banan and Lindsey Park, a PC Candidate in the Durham Region. Senator Tobias Jun Enverga 

Britney Waito

KC Adajar

KC Adajar

Keana Cerezo with Charms

The Charms moms

Chyrell Samson

Fienne Mendoza and family

Senator Tobias Enverga

Rodney Ronquillo

Samantha Gavin

Fienne's sister

IPEN's Miss Teen Expo 

Angela Castillo

Angela Castillo

Bong Molano, Samantha Gavin and Angela Castillo

Bong Molano, Samantha Gavin and Angela Castillo

Britney Waito, Rodney Ronquillo, Chyrell Samson, Fienne Mendoza and Mr. Hilario and wife

Charms singing group

Fienne, mom and sister

Fil-Core, a caregiver advocacy group

Fienne with the IPEN talents and jr. president

IPEN models

Senator Enverga with the official photographers and videographers

Sam gavin and KC Adajar of Charms

Keana Cerezo

Merecyl Cauton and Li Eron

IPEN boss Edgar Sulit and Fienne

Sam Gavin with Keana Cerezo and KC Adajar

Sam Gavin gives flowers to mothers in the audience.

Senator Enverga gives the opening speech.

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