Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nenita Lora's 34th Birthday

Nitz celebrated her 34th birthday at Earl Bales Park last Sunday, June 4, 2017. With 3 days to go before the day, the weather forecast calls for rain and thunderstorm the whole day. Probably sensing that some guest might not come, douybting if she would push through with her celebration at the park, Nitz updated her facebook invitation and declared that her birthday festivity will go on "Rain or Shine" and nothing will stop her from getting one year older. The Gods listened and only washed her special someone, Harold Guarin in the morning at 8am as he was preparing the picnic spot. The rest of the day was actually a perfect mix of sun and cloud and not a drop of rain until the picnic ended just before 5 in the afternoon. The forecast for rain was a Godsend as the park was not crowded. God Bless you Nitz.

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