Saturday, July 15, 2017

PintaCMD Launched

Candace David launched her cosmetics line PintaCMD at D2R Mississauga in the select company of family and friends. What started 5 years ago has now become a full-fledged business. Singer Jenifer Camacho tells the story of how she became Candace's first "student" when Candace was getting her certificate. Candace was doing microblading and Candace was telling her not to say "ouch" or anything showing pain. "Tiisin mo. Huwag kang aaray. Kailangan ko itong certificate na ito," says Candace. Jenifer, being a true friend, endured the "inconvenience." Five years later, we now have PintaCMD, a cosmetics line. Pinta Cmd 

Candace Mallari David finally launched her PintaCMD Makeup and Cosmetics line.

Singer Jenifer Camacho (RIGHT) tells how she became the first "client" so Candace (LEFT) so can get her certificate in microblading.    

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